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Digital marketing in Poland


Poland is the ninth largest country in Europe, and a member of the European Union: geographically located in Central Europe, historically it’s been associated with Eastern Europe. Find out what key things you should keep in mind when doing digital marketing in Poland.

Digital overview

The internet penetration in Poland is at 73% – lower than the European average of 85% – but the country is full of opportunities for marketers. The preferred search engine is Google, with a penetration rate of 97%, followed by Bing and Yahoo!

Most websites in Poland are in Polish, and you should bear in mind that half of the population does not speak English. Your translations should be spot on, as the Polish audience would be unforgiving of any grammatical mistakes. You should also be aware that the Polish culture is heavily impacted by Catholicism, and any reference to the religion and its symbols should not be used in marketing.


Social media

17 million people use social media in Poland, i.e. 45% of the total population. Of these, 14 million access social platforms via mobile. Like much of Europe, Facebook and YouTube dominate the social media landscape in the country, and young Poles especially like to use more platforms simultaneously.


E-commerce is growing in Poland, and it is predicted to exceed €14 billion by 2020. Allegro is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in Poland – as well as the sixth most popular search term in the country. Many customers are comfortable using mobile payments, amongst which bank transfer is the preferred method. E-commerce websites failing to provide this option run the risk of failing in this market. With regards to delivery methods, Poles prefer convenient and cheap options.

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