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Digital marketing in Poland

This blog post was updated on 16 December 2022.

Poland is an attractive prospect to many businesses looking to expand internationally, and there are several reasons why. The first reason is its size: it is a relatively large country, with a sizeable population, which means there will likely be a market for your product.

It is also a digitally mature nation. As of November 2022, Poland has a population of around 38 million people. Of these people, almost 35 million are currently online, which represents an internet penetration rate of 92%.

However, it can be challenging to enter a new market. Never fear, this blog post will look at three important aspects of digital marketing in Poland to help you succeed!

1. Language in Poland

Whilst the EF English Proficiency Index ranks Poland as having “very high” English proficiency, it is still preferable to create content in the local language (Polish), rather than English, if possible – particularly if you are a B2C brand. Your translations should be spot on, as the Polish audience would be unforgiving of any grammatical mistakes. Translation and copywriting should always be done by a professional native speaker. Only a native will have a proper grasp of the local linguistic and cultural nuances and be able to create content that will truly resonate with your local Polish audience.

2. Social media in Poland

Social media is popular in Poland. Research by Kepios and We Are Social found that amongst its sample of Polish internet users, 83% were social media users. Facebook is the most popular social platform in Poland, followed by Facebook Messenger and Instagram. All these platforms are used by more than half of all Polish internet users every month. With these kinds of social media penetration rates, it is vitally important for brands to have a social media presence when targeting Poland.

3. E-commerce in Poland

E-commerce is growing in Poland. The B2C e-commerce market in Poland is currently worth the equivalent of almost USD 14 billion annually. Allegro is the biggest e-commerce marketplace in Poland. Bank transfers are the most popular e-commerce payment method. E-commerce websites failing to provide this option run the risk of failing in this market. The most popular e-commerce delivery methods in Poland include home delivery and collection from a parcel machine, so it would be wise to offer these.

Want to learn more?

I hope this blog post has been a useful introduction to digital marketing in Poland. For more in-depth information and advice, read the full-length guide here! From reading this guide, you will learn:

  • the current digital landscape in the country, including internet penetration rates
  • the typical Polish internet user, including their gender, age and online activities
  • device usage breakdowns and internet speeds in Poland
  • search engine marketing in Poland
  • how to localise your website for Poland
  • social media marketing in Poland
  • the local culture and language in Poland
  • e-commerce in Poland
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