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Global Instagram Adverts Top One Billion

Global Marketing News – 2nd February 2016

Global Instagram adverts top one billion

Instagram is predicted to serve a whopping 1 billion adverts a month to users by the end of this quarter.

It is also set to hit its target of 1 billion US dollars’ worth of advertising revenue by the end of the quarter.

This is particularly impressive considering that it only introduced adverts to the platform one year ago and highlights the strong appeal of the image-centric social network.

Video adverts have been a particularly popular ad format, accounting for 23% of ads in December.

Advertisers from all countries covered by Facebook advertising can launch adverts on Instagram. Ads can be in the form of square or landscape photos and videos, with videos lasting up to 30 seconds.

Research reveals top social media sites in China

Research by Forrester has looked at which social platforms are most used by international businesses in China.

Three quarters of businesses said they used social media in China.

WeChat, Weibo, LinkedIn and Youku were the most popular social networks, with all of them being used by over 50% of businesses questioned.

There was a disconnect between the platforms most commonly used and the satisfaction levels of marketers using them, however.

The research found that although the majority of marketers advertised on social sites, less than half were satisfied with their ROI.

Conversely, whilst only a minority engaged in more time- and labour-intensive activities such as managing online communities, advertising on blogs, advertising on forums and running branded platforms, the majority of those who did were satisfied or very satisfied with their ROI.

New ecommerce site launches in Ukraine

The biggest commercial bank in Ukraine, PrivatBank, has launched an ecommerce platform called PrivatMarket.

PrivatMarket allows sellers to publish information about their company, products and services, and take part in applications and tenders.

Buyers can post tenders and requests, and read reviews about sellers to help them make an informed choice before buying.

PrivatMarket describes itself as having the biggest business directory in Ukraine.

It will face stiff competition from more established ecommerce sites in the country, including Prom and Allbiz.

The Ukrainian ecommerce market accounts for just 2% of total sales in the country and is worth an estimated 2.7 billion Euros.

Google is recruiting app developers in Singapore

Google is recruiting for app developers in Singapore.

The new recruits will form part of the “Next Billion Users” team and will work with other Google developers in Mountain View, Sydney and Hyderabad.

The Singapore developers will be involved in building Android apps for emerging online markets.

Google is concentrating hard on mobile and emerging markets at the moment. Last year, the company said it will make getting affordable smartphones to emerging markets a priority going forward.

Over 1 billion smartphones are expected to be sold in the emerging markets of Brazil, Russia, China, India and Indonesia in the next 2 years, and commentators have pointed out that if Google can ensure that the majority of these new smartphones are running its Android operating system, it will have over a billion new customers using its search and advertising services.

McDonald’s teams up with Smart Communications in the Philippines

And finally, the fast-food restaurant McDonald’s has teamed up with the mobile phone provider Smart Communications in the Philippines.

Until 21st April, Smart customers who order a McSavers meal, with added chips or ice cream, will be given a coupon for one day’s worth of text messaging and chat app usage.

The joint marketing campaign is meant to benefit both McDonald’s and Smart Communications.

A spokesperson from the mobile messaging company Waterfall commented on the campaign, saying: “Any promotion that links the consumer to the brand in a real tactile way and provides value, is going to do quite well.”

The campaign aims to encourage more Filipinos to get online using their mobile phones.

The Philippines currently has quite a low internet penetration rate, with just 38% having access to the internet.

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