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Google AdWords set to launch on YouTube

Video on AdWords or AdWords using images in Gmail, etc… Google has been testing various search engine advertising ad copy formats under the AdWords New Ad Formats Initiative.

Now, Google AdWords is set to launch on the world second largest search engine and largest video sharing platform – YouTube. The model will be an auction-based platform for online video ad campaigns. It will replace the already established “Promoted Videos” section on YouTube.

How will it work?

  • the video ad serving platform is built on the AdWords platform and will serve ads with the same pipeline, just serving videos first.
  • Advertisers can create a “video views” based campaign – vs. impressions – using a suite of four “TureView” video ads. TrueView in search and TrueView in display.
    • click-to-play running model
  • YouTube also added in-slate and in-stream
    • The in-stream option does not require advertisers to pay for the ad unless the viewer watches more than 30 seconds before skipping through
  • The AdWords video platform allows advertisers:
    • to set budgets,
    • to monitor impressions, views, average cost per views, total costs, and Web site clicks
  • Just like the keyword-based AdWords, AdWords videos allows advertisers:
    • to enter a headline, description and thumbnails, display URLs, destinations and more
    • to preview videos
    • to target audience better
    • to set bids for each of the four formats
    • to search & set target keywords
    • to set a call to action overlay
      • the overlay appears as a display ad over the TrueView in-search and in-display videos that play on YouTube
    • to review and report on their campaigns performances via their AdWords analytics dashboard
      • videos views
      • how long the audience watched the video
      • what action was taken watching the video
      • view through rate for campaign split testing

YouTube Product Manager, Lane Shackleton says: ” Buying video has traditionally been a difficult process, especially within AdWords. We made it so advertisers can link YouTube accounts. It allows advertisers to populate the list specific to the brand.”

See the official clicking the link –  AdWords for video (beta)

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