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How does Google Make Money?

Today’s Infographics Mondays series looks at Google Adwords costs. Google set another record with its Q3 2011 revenue reaching USD9.72 billion (USD9billion in Q2 2011) representing a 33% increase vs Q3 2010. Around 70% of Google’s revenue is generated by … Read More

Google AdWords set to launch on YouTube

Video on AdWords or AdWords using images in Gmail, etc… Google has been testing various search engine advertising ad copy formats under the AdWords New Ad Formats Initiative. Now, Google AdWords is set to launch on the world second largest … Read More

AdWords goes graphic in Gmail

Google Adwords has seen many developments lately: from the adwords video to adwords express. If you check your Google mail account you see adwords ads in gmail on top of the menu bar and on the right hand side of … Read More

Google AdWords Express

Google has officially launched AdWords Express, a new, easy Pay Per Click service for local businesses. Initially launched as Google Boost in October 2010, AdWords Express is an faster and easier way to start advertising online via AdWords: five minutes … Read More

It is all about the love! What do you love?

Google has launched a new crossover search portal called “What do you love?” under the http://www.wdyl.com domain name. It aggregates in a non Google conventional way your search query results: books news Google groups based discussions product search and shopping classic … Read More

Yahoo! & Bing Search Allaince News

taken from http://www.searchalliance.com/europe/en/home The Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance is a major initiative between our companies to create a competitive choice in search for advertisers and consumers. The combined scale will assist both companies in speeding the pace of innovation … Read More

So Long Content Farms!!!

Following up on last week’s Google search algorithm update, Sitrix benchmarked a range of websites analysing how their organic ranking was affected… In order to do so, Sitrix created the Sistrix Visibility Index which is calculated using the traffic on … Read More

Google Search Is Going Social

Google has once again implemented a new search criteria, adding social networks such as Twitter and Facebook to SERPs. The updated  functionality will be rolled across the English language search engines when a user is logged in his or her … Read More

2010 USA Search Engine War: Google is King!

Search Engine Marketing industry web statistics key reference comScore’s recently issued its ‘2010 U.S. Digital Year in Review’ report comScore chairman Gian Fulgoni says ‘2010 was a very positive year for the digital media industry, highlighted by a strong rebound … Read More