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Google Boost Brings Another Attempt to Tackle "Local"

In October 2011, Google launched Google Boost in order to tackle the SME advertising market. It is, of course, not the first try from Google at this, if you remember previous attempts such as Jumpstart, GBBO and current Adwords Vouchers up to 500 €uro.

So what is Google Boost?

Google Boost is a network of automated and simplified paid search listings. The sponsored links appear on Google.com (and search partners network), Google maps in the sponsored links sections and mobile phones. Ad campaigns are triggered when the right combination of vertical keyword (e.g., “pub”) and location keyword (e.g., “Dublin”) is met.

The ad copies contain basic information such as:

  • the location information – address, business name and phone number
  • customer targeted data – a.k.a. the description line where the advertiser promotes its business
  • star ratings
  • number of reviews received
  • and a special Google Maps marker

This is a very aggressive move by Google combining various products to tackle the local search market as well as the SME market:

  • Google Local Business Centre / Google Boost
  • Google Hotbot – Google’s rating and reviews solution
  • Google Tags – add photos, videos, coupons, menus to the business listings

This also now means that the first organic result will now fall ”below the fold”, a.k.a ”below the scroll” by online strategists and marketers.

Let’s sit back for now and watch how those do in the USA for now.

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