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Google Has All of Holland, in Streetview That Is!

It’s only a very small country, so it hasn’t been the biggest job the Google Streetview-people had to do, but they did it. Almost the entire country of the Netherlands has now been captured in images in Google Streetview. A total of 75,600 square kilometers (about 46,975 square miles) has been photographed to get most of the Dutch roads into the popular service.

Google Streetview coverage NetherlandsThe latest additions to the Dutch Streetview Maps have been a couple of bigger cities plus several tourist attractions like de Efteling, de Apenheul, the centre of politics “Binnenhof” and a popular Palace. The attractions are gathered on a special Gallery page.

Holland has been one of many countries where when Streetview launched, it was received with both scepticism and enthusiasm. At first a lot of the pictures had to be removed, but after the first couple of weeks the Dutch accepted Streetview in all its glory.

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Bas van den Beld

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