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Google starts business in Hungary – officially

Nepszabadság Online reported Google has launched its own Ltd in Hungary. The Google Számítástechnikai Szolgáltató Kft. (Google IT Services Ltd.) has 25 million HUF capital (approx. EUR 100.000), The management are David C. Drummond, George Reyes and Nikesh Arora.

Although that capital is relatively high, we don’t expect any extensive business activity because they likely do not have their own office as the address of the company same as their auditor’s (BDO Kontroll).

Google.hu currently has 15-20% of the search market — but as of now, it is powered by Kurzor.hu of Hírek Média. So it’s possible that the new Google company will get the domain and such a change may shake the whole Hungarian search market.

While I have no more official information about this business movement, this is clearly part of the developments in Google’s European Adwords Strategy.”

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  1. David Temple says:

    Good point Laszlo. Not only part of their European Adwords strategies but also their overall global strategy. I guess their motto is really “Do no evil, everywhere”

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