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Google to enter Romania and Bulgaria officially

Google has recently announced on their website that they are looking to hire a regional representative for Romania and Bulgaria. The representative will be located in Romania.

“Fluency in English and Romanian is required. Bulgarian language skills are a plus. ” sounds like Google has decided to focus on Romania for now. With an online population of over 5 000 000 users (CIA’s World Factbook 2004) Romania indeed seems more attractive compared with the 1 800 000 internet users in Bulgaria.

Form the same page on Google’s website it is visible that the company is expanding its international activities in many directions. There is a strong focus on South America as the list includes Chile, Argentina, Columbia, Costa Rica, Peru and Puerto Rico. The Far East also gets a lot of attention from the giant in search. Regional representatives are to be hired in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Oceania.

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  1. David Temple says:

    Georgi you’re absolutely correct about Google’s international expansion plans. In fact Google has hired several former Microsoft execs and placed them around the world. My guess is they changed their motto from do no evil to “Do no evil, everywhere”

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