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Google penalises Spanish search marketing agency website

Webpositer, a Spanish search marketing company which has held prominent positions in Google’s results for some time – has had its site removed from the Google index.

It is not the first time this has happened. Many search marketing sites which made false claims, offered unbelievable services and used tricky and less than legitimate techniques have been removed by Google on a regular basis for years. Perhaps the most famous case was two years ago when several French agencies were penalised simultaneously for bad behaviour. Now it was Spain’s turn.

Let’s consider the implications. For a few years now, experts in the field have been saying that Spain has not exactly been the center of attention, as far was Google was concerned. This was quite apparent given the lack of extensive quality control of the search engine results. Companies whose search engine optimization services were based on blatant spam techniques have been banned from the Google index in the past in other countries where online activity is more advanced In Spain, these companies have been and to this day are very active. And why not? It is easy to sell an inexpensive service that appears to deliver, to an uninformed customer who is blinded by empty promises and results.

Could Google be cleaning up the “streets”?

To other online marketing professionals this could mean the beginning of a more mature Spanish internet. Not only because it appears as though Google has taken charge, but because it marks the chance for some order. Of course a mature online market will not happen via a domino effect. There are plenty of culprits and barriers. Will there be other similar cases to follow Webpositer? As always, it will take time. But even time or Google cannot do the work alone. This decision will certainly cause reflection and circumspection in the search market, but likewise it may also lead to a better educated community. A better educated community is exactly what the Spanish internet market needs.



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One Response to Google penalises Spanish search marketing agency website

  1. Marina Zaliznyak says:

    Looks like Webpositer is back in the Google index. It’s not making the top positions, but it’s probably a matter of time again, until the next clean-up.

    One thing for sure, they’ve made the news all over Spain, so it’s probably had an adverse effect nonetheless.

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