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Google Maps launches in Spain with a lineup of local heavy weights

An update to Nick’s previous article about Google’s recent wave of European Google Maps:
Not only is Google Maps now available in Spain, but the Spanish version has some valuable local add-ons. On April 28th, Google’s newly appointed General Director for Spain, Isabel Aguilera unveiled Google Maps for Spain (maps.google.es) and 7 new partnerships to give local users yet another reason to keep Google as their all-time favorite (Google has 90% market share in Spain) search engine.

The first of the partnerships is with none other than TPI’s, which for an undisclosed amount provides access to its Yellow Pages directory which compliments the local map search results, with additional information. It’s an agreement that will benefit both parties, as Aguilera points out; not only will Google enrich its local search results, but Paginas Amarillas will substantially increase visibility for its advertisers who pay to be at the top for specific categories. The Google Maps produced results, will of course depend on relevancy alone. So far, Google has no plans to take advantage of Google Maps and use it for advertising purposes. For now, the only advertisements we will see are the wholly familiar Adwords. However, no doubt that the popularity of local search, especially in Europe, will be difficult to ignore. Google Maps is the perfect advertising medium.

The other agreements, although of less importance, will prove to be an added value. Agreements include: Atrapalo.com, Guiacampsa.com (for routes and directions), notodohoteles.com, Aqua, Intercom, and El Mundo. Moreover, be on the look out for additional partnerships in the future.

Google’s directors claim that with TPI there is the possibility of exploring similar agreements in Latin America.

In Spain, Google Maps is currently in beta and will probably stay that way for another year and a half. But I’m certain that it’s going to be a way to place Google into yet another essential, daily search scenario in Spain. Google is already on the tip of everyone’s tongue here in Spain. Heck, the service is even available for mobile phones. What more can you ask for?


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