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Agregax—Search engine that scouts for Spanish blogs

Spain may not be the internet leader in a number of ways, but blogging is very big here. Commercial blogs are mushrooming, blogger conferences are all over the map, and recently, there was even a book published about Spanish blogging (“La blogosfera hispana: Pioneros de la Cultura Digital” or The Hispanic blogosphere: Pioneers of the Digital Culture). If you don’t know much about blogging trends in Spain, you’d be surprised. If you know, then you are probably already impressed.

So important is blogging in fact, that we now have a new blog search, exclusively for Spain. What’s unique about Agregax? It’s different primarily because it’s Spanish. But what probably earns it a blue ribbon out of Spain is that it also registers blogs in Catalan and Euskera (two other official languages out of Spain). What about Galego? Is that on the way?

Based on XML syndication, the rest is quite basic. You can order the results by date or relevancy, wherein relevancy of course depends on the number of references. Easy enough.

Time will tell whether the blog search will bring anything new to the table. We’ll see if we can find out ahead of time.



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