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Google Turns to Advertising in Russia

C-News reports that Google has launched its first ever advertising campaign in Russia. While usual Google policy is to rely on word of mouth to build support, they have decided to change policy in Runet.

Google’s advertising banners appeared on the websites of a number of large internet resources, such as Gazeta.ru, Eurosport.ru, Gismeteo.ru and others. Apart from the company’s logo and the search line, the banner contains numerous search requests.

As Boris Ovchinnikov, Head of Sup’s Research Department said there are two reasons for Google’s recent move.

The first reason is that the Russian internet market seems to be very attractive to Google. The second reason is that using its standard promotion policy, Google didn’t manage to take a leading position among search engines, since there are strong local players as compared to those of other countries.

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One Response to Google Turns to Advertising in Russia

  1. Nick Wilsdon says:

    As part of this push it took out a series of advertisements on trains and in railway stations last year to promote the then-new Google News service. It was the first time that Google had used advertising to reach the general public anywhere in the world.

    Well pointed out and I stand corrected 🙂 I took that detail from other news sources at face value.

    I wonder if they really meant it was the first time Google has taken out online advertising?

    This news was a little surprising, as they indicated at the C-IB conference that they didn’t need to promote themselves in Runet. Then someone witty called out that Yandex/Rambler news did the best PR job for them anyway. Heh.

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