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GTalk+Orkut: Google smart move in Brazil

Orkut is no big deal for anyone than brazilians: we account for 62% of Google’s social network. Now Google integrated GTalk with Orkut and you can know and reach all of your friends when they’re online.
It will definetly boost GTalk audience and challenge the so far onipresent MSN Messenger, where Brazilians users accounts for second place in the world.

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2 Responses to GTalk+Orkut: Google smart move in Brazil

  1. luckybano says:

    Brasil is strong on internet they know a lot google knows about that

  2. David Temple says:

    Definitely a good move for Google allowing orkut users to chat or place phone calls. Will this move Brazilian users away from MSN Messenger? Is Google still fighting an order to release user information in Brazil?

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