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How does Facebook usage differ around the world in 2020?

Facebook is the most popular social network in the world. It was the first social network to truly go mainstream; and for a lot of people, the first one they ever joined.

You might therefore assume that Facebook’s story is the same globally, but that is not the case.

This blog post will look at how Facebook usage differs around the world in 2020, based on the latest data from Webcertain Search And Social Report 2020.

Countries where Facebook has crushed the competition

There are some countries where Facebook has totally crushed the competition; where its dominance is so strong that it is the only social network that really matters.

The table below shows Facebook’s share of the social media market in countries where it totally dominates the landscape.

Country   Facebook’s share of the
social media market
Bulgaria    93%
Hungary   88%
Greece   88%
Romania   87%
Spain   85%
India   84%
Serbia   84%
Portugal   83%
Mexico   80%

Countries with a more balanced social media landscape

There are other countries where Facebook is still most the most popular social network, but it is not so overwhelmingly dominant, and other social networks have decent market shares.

If you are targeting any of these countries, you should try to spread your social media marketing efforts a little more evenly, focusing on the networks that give your business the best results.

Country   Facebook’s share of the
social media market
France    60%
Slovakia   60%
Belgium   58%
Israel   57%
Italy   57%
Singapore   57%
Norway   56%
Netherlands   53%
Germany   52%
Canada   46%
Taiwan   44%
United States   43%
Brazil   43%
Australia   42%

Countries where Facebook is used differently

You should also be aware that there are some countries where Facebook is used totally differently from what we are used to.

For example, in Japan, Facebook is used as a professional social network, not a personal one. It is used in very much the same way as LinkedIn (which does not have a strong presence in the country), i.e. for job hunting and professional networking.

The same is true of Russia. Facebook is used as a professional social network there too, something that can be partially attributed to the fact that LinkedIn is blocked in the country.

The country where you should not even include Facebook in your strategy

And finally, there is one country where it is not worth investing in Facebook at all: China.

Facebook is actually blocked in China, so it would be a waste of time to even attempt Facebook marketing there. Instead, local social networks thrive in its place, such as WeChat, Weibo and Baidu Tieba, and it is these networks where you should focus your social media marketing efforts.

I hope this blog post has given you an interesting insight into how Facebook’s usage differs around the world. For more in-depth information about international social media trends in 38 countries, you can read the Webcertain Search And Social Report here.

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Elin Box

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Elin is a Content Marketing Manager at Webcertain. She is responsible for Webcertain’s Self-learning platform, producing in-depth guides on a range of international digital marketing topics. She also helps run the Webcertain blog and is the writer of the Webcertain search and social report, an annual report summarising digital marketing best practices in over 50 countries. She is passionate about educating and empowering people to make the best decisions for their business and is proud to help share Webcertain’s wealth of digital marketing knowledge with the world. Elin is from the UK.

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