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How does Twitter usage differ around the world in 2020?

For a lot of people, Twitter is likely the second, third or even fourth social network that comes to mind when they think of social media.

It has the reputation of being Facebook’s younger and less important sibling, but is that right?

Actually, Twitter’s usage differs significantly around the world. How important it is as a social network depends very much on which country you are talking about.

This blog post will look at how Twitter usage differs around the world in 2020, based on the latest data from Webcertain Search And Social Report 2020.

Countries where Twitter is the most popular social network

There are some countries where Twitter is actually the most popular social network, like Japan, South Korea and the UK.

In South Korea, it actually represents over half of the total social media market.

If you are targeting any of these three countries, you should definitely consider Twitter as an important part of your marketing strategy.

Country   Twitter’s share of the
social media market
South Korea    52%
Japan   42%
United Kingdom   37%

Countries where Twitter is in a strong second or third place

There are other countries where Twitter comes in a strong second or third place, with a substantial share of the social media landscape.

The US, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan and Turkey fall into this second category, with Twitter making up over 20% of the market share in all these countries.

In these countries, you should do some research into whether Twitter is popular amongst your target audience and whether it is used by your competitors in each market – and if so, consider allocating time and budget to developing it.

Country   Twitter’s share of the
social media market
Taiwan    43%
Turkey   26%
United States   24%
Singapore   23%
Australia   20%

Countries where Twitter does not even make it into the top three social networks

And finally, there are those countries where Twitter does not even manage the make it into the top three most popular social networks.

Argentina, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Finland, Greece, India, Israel, Italy, Poland, Russia, Slovakia and Ukraine all fall into this category.

It may not be worth investing in Twitter if you are targeting these countries at the current time.

I hope this blog post has given you an interesting insight into how Twitter’s usage differs around the world. For more in-depth information about international social media trends in 38 countries, you can read the Webcertain Search And Social Report 2020 here.

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