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How dynamic keyword insertion on Yandex differs from Google AdWords


For marketers to get optimal visibility, it is important to match the text of their ad copies with what their prospective customers are typing in the search box, and this is where dynamic keyword insertion comes in. However, this option doesn’t work in the same way in Google and Yandex. As you are more likely to be familiar with Google AdWords, here we’ll concentrate on Yandex.Direct and how it differs from Google AdWords with respects to dynamic keyword insertion.

To start with, Yandex calls its keyword insertion option ‘Ads Templates’. It has the same feature to dynamically insert keywords into the heading, the main description line, the link to the site and/or the display link. However, the syntax is much simpler and less customisable. There is no snippet of code but the insertion of the “#” symbol wrapping our default text.


Secondly, Yandex.Direct does not allow us to modify the capitalisation of the keywords. Unfortunately, the lack of this feature makes our work a little bit more difficult, as we will need to make sure that they are properly capitalised in our keyword lists. Besides, character limitation also differs from Google: the limit for the ad title is 33 characters, and we can make it up to 75 for the description line including spaces and punctuation.

Thirdly, we must keep in mind the particularities of the Russian language when using this option. We need to make sure that the keywords used are grammatically correct, especially considering that the Russian language has 6 different cases.

Always remember that each search engine is different and most of the time it was created with a different language in mind. Don’t just apply the same method to all of them!

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