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Interactive Media in Brazil

Starting today you’ll find here updated content about Brazil’s interactive media market, with focus on SEM.

As an introduction, here’s the internet landscape in Brazil:

– 31 million users (as per Jan.2006; ranks #7 in the world)
– users spend 18 hours online per month (as per Jan.2006; ranks #1 in the world)
– 3,4 million broadband users
– online advertising spendings: US$120 million in 2005 (estimates says 20% is Search)
– 87,470,911 mobile phones
– online sales: 4 billion in 2005

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2 Responses to Interactive Media in Brazil

  1. Carolina Abenante says:


    I would like information on advertising agencies that work in the SEM space. Predominately ones that work with networks deliverying fees for CPM, CPC, and CPA. Also, what is it that you do exactly in the interactive industry in Brazil.

  2. Nacho Hernandez says:

    Bienvenido Marcelo! A great complement to Multilingual Search. I look forward to learn more about Brazil from you.


    Nacho Hernandez

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