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Internet in China is closed for business

Shakil Khan, well known commentator and "Man on The Ground" in China, reports on the hype surrounding online opportunities in the country.

What I see around me is a lot of "Smoke and Mirrors" activity taking place, and I think sooner or later somebody is going to get their fingers burnt, and frankly speaking, I'd rather watch from the sidelines than be putting the fire out.

A lot of western companies are pumping big dollar to be a name in China like they are back home without actually understanding any concept of what the web is about in China

…having spent a total of around 5 months in 2005 in China looking at a number of opportunities for myself and others along with having met 100s of people in this industry in China has led me to make this decision based on the fact that IN MY OPINION the opportunities currently in China simply aren’t there right now.

It’s an interesting post, especially from someone who is watching and participating in the developments locally. With hype surrounding China reaching fevor pitch in some circles, this makes somber reading for those looking into the market.

Source: Chinawhite

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