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Internet penetration in Belarus

Some countries rarely make it into the limelight. So just to be fair and give them the attention they deserve, here is a quick glance at Belarus.

According to Sergei Rudnev of the Ministry of Communications Informatization Department in Belarus, the year 2004 meant a 50% increase in the number of internet users. Sound incredible, doesn’t it? Growth, in terms of percentages has been colossal in the Belarus corner of the world; however starting points are also extremely low.

“By now some 1,000 people use ADSL Internet access. There are plans to put into operation up to 18,000 ADSL ports by the end of 2006.” Compared to other countries even in that region, the numbers are disappointing. Nevertheless, with this growth rate, let’s check back in a few years. We’ll certainly be surprised.


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