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The battle for wireless internet in Bulgaria

A little battle took place today on an auction for the Bulgarian national A-class Wireless Network licence. All top players in the Bulgarian communications industry were there bidding for 2 licences which allow the building of national-wide wireless network in the 21 MHz frequency. “Bulgaria Telecom”, the former monopoly in communications in Bulgaria, left the auction when bids reached 4 million leva (about 2.5 million USD). “Mobiltel”, the current leader in mobile communications, abandoned the auction a little earlier.

The winners “Trans Telecom” and “Cable Net” will pay 5 million leva each (about 3.1 million USD) for the right to build A-class wireless networks in Bulgaria. There will be a second auction for the B-class networks in the following days.

Currently less than 1 percent of the internet population in Bulgaria prefers wireless. However there are reasons to believe in the expansion of wireless conectivity. There are some remote regions in Bulgaria where satelite or wireless is the only option both for business and home users and they will most certainly be the first to benefit from the expansion of wireless networks.


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