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Launching Phase II of the .es domain name registration in Spain

If you flip back to an earlier story, when Multilingual Search covered the changes to the complicated .es domain name registration in Spain, you’ll know that according to Red.es the process was simplified to promote the regional registrations just a few months ago. Phase I for official organizations and government agencies will run into Phase II on September 6th. Starting this coming Tuesday, Red.es extends regional .es domain registrations to all companies, foundations, associations and holders of commercial names, registered trademarks, denominations of origin or other Spanish right protected industry, independent of these companies’ or organizations’ nationalities.

Red.es projects it will by far surpass the 11,000 registration it received in only 30 days during the first phase. No doubt about it, with excessively strict and incomparably priced registrations in the past, companies will be dying to take advantage of the breath of fresh air and finally register their regional domains, much like their European counterparts. So what are you waiting for?

But wait until November 8th, when any citizen will be able to register the .es. With that, Red.es hopes to promote the domain and catch up with the European crowd.


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