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Parla.it introduces innovative broadband access to the Italian market

Eric Le Bihan, CEO of Parla.it a France Telecom Company founded 6 months ago, announced in an interview with Punto Informatico a new and aggressive approach to broadband access starting today.

In an attempt to persuade a growing number of curious users, Parla.it has introduced a flat rate for unlimited internet access and VoIP services regardless of the existence of a TELECOM ITALIA telephone line. Until recently high speed DSL connections to the Internet were possible only on existing telephone lines set up and maintained by the ex monopolist and dominating carrier in Italy.

Parla.it offers a complete package of traditional telephone line + ADSL and two VoIP packages:

  • ChiAma l’Italia for unlimited VoIP access in Italy
  • ChiAma l’Europa for unlimited VoIP access in Europe, including all major European Countries

Sources: Punto Informatico, Parla.it

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Sante J. Achille

2 Responses to Parla.it introduces innovative broadband access to the Italian market

  1. Sante Joseph says:

    The market is definitely moving in this direction. The new (and aggressive) competitors are breaking new ground and setting new rules. The past 12 months confirm this trend showing significant increases in bandwidth at no additional cost. Although the trend is there and will continue there are signs of ISPs wanting to “regulate” the use of bandwidth as I will explain in my next post …

  2. Andy Atkins-Krüger says:

    Sante – so that means more broadband available for less in Italy – and another VoIP competitor for Skype and the new Google Talk?

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