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Yandex launches contextual advertising in Russia – with transparency

Yandex, the leading Russian search engine, have just announced the launch of a contextual advertisement program for webmasters. For the first time the Yandex Direct (PPC) adverts will be placed on web sites as well as displayed next to the search results.

Showing a level of transparency which would shock most Adsense users, Yandex has disclosed that the income stream from these adverts will be divided 50/50 with the site owners.

However, at this initial stage Yandex are only accepting partnerships with web sites that have traffic levels “in a hundreds of thousands per month”. The first partner sites annunced have been two the most largest Belarusian portals (tut.by & all.by) as well as 3dnews.ru, the popular computer technology review site.

Olga Zborovskaya, Manager Yandex explained, “We value the attitude of our clients and are ready to enlarge only if this will not lower the quality to advertising communication. So in developing the partner program, we shall move very carefully and gradually”

Yandex has an impressive drive at the moment, widening the lead over local competitors in the last 6 months. Introducing a contextual advertising program for webmasters can only increase their popularity. However, always one to watch Google carefully, the spam issues connected to the Adsense program must not have escaped them.

E-commerce is in its infancy here, creating a surplus of highly talented yet under appreciated web professionals. In this environment a scheme which generated revenue for them could equally be a blessing or a curse.

Source: Yandex News

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