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Line marketing tips for 2024

What is Line?

Line is a messenger app that was launched in Japan in 2011. It was made to meet Japanese users’ needs for services like free calls and texting.

Line started life as an app very similar to WhatsApp – i.e. an instant communication app where users can exchange texts, images, video and audio.

It then expanded its ecosystem to include Line Pay (its mobile payments system), Line Manga (for reading manga on your mobile phone), Line Music (for music streaming), Line News (for reading the news), and many other services.

Line also allows businesses, brands, celebrities and public figures to create official accounts to connect with their followers.

Who uses Line?

83% of all internet users in Japan use Line every month, making it the most popular social platform in Japan.

It is the main communication tool of many Japanese families, as it is popular across generations and genders, with an even distribution of users across all age groups.

Using Line is therefore a really good idea when you want to reach a Japanese audience.

Line is also popular in Indonesia, Taiwan and Thailand.

Key features of Line

1. Stickers and emojis

Line is well-known for its extensive collection of stickers and emojis. Some are free, some can be earned via brand promotions, and some can simply be purchased through the platform.

In the screenshot below, you can see a man, a bear and a rabbit. These characters are original characters of Line. They are called “Line friends” and are really popular. Free emojis featuring these characters are released very often.

2. The timeline

Line is not just a messaging app; it has many features, including some features of a social network. As such, Line users can post updates, photos and videos for their friends to see.

The screenshots below show a Line timeline. As you can see, it looks really similar to an Instagram feed.

3. Entertainment features

Line offers a wide range of entertainment features, including in-app games, virtual stickers, digital comics and a music streaming service called Line Music.

Line for business

Line is not just for individual users; businesses can also use Line to reach their Japanese audience. Businesses can create an “official account” and use it to send push notifications to their followers, providing updates on new products, special promotions and events.

The screenshot below shows the official accounts of various businesses on Line.

A Line official account can create and share content such as articles, videos and images with their followers, as well as run ads to target specific groups. Official accounts can also utilise features to inform customers what type of brand they are, provide customer support, and reply to enquiries from customers in real-time.

These features are designed to help businesses build strong relationships with their customers and provide efficient and personalised customer service.

What is new with Line in 2024?

1. Integration of AI

Line is expected to apply artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbot technologies into the messaging platform.

In fact, it has already started doing so! In 2023, it introduced a feature where users could use AI to edit their profile picture into various styles.

In the screenshot below, you can see this in action. The user has uploaded their selfie to Line and the AI has then recreated it in various styles, such as fantasy, illustration and more.

2. Launch of Line’s new NFT platform

Line has launched a new global NFT platform called “DOSI”. There is a membership programme called “DOSI citizenship” which provides an NFT token to experience the platform. This is very new, so we should keep an eye on how this unfolds.

3. Growth of “Line friends”

As I mentioned previously, Line has some original characters (a man, a bear and a rabbit) known as “Line friends”. In 2024, it plans to grow this IP by partnering with various companies to drive growth.

Out of these three trends, the increasing integration of AI in Line is the most important for businesses. This is because, with AI, chat functions could become more personalised, which would improve the user experience. AI could also help brands to track what users want and what behaviours they exhibit – the possibilities are endless.

Final thoughts and tips for marketing on Line in 2024

I think there are two main points that are important for brands marketing on Line in 2024.

Firstly, keep an eye on the integration of AI into Line, as this could help you to better communicate with your customers. With the help of AI, your brand could provide customers with more personalised services. This could allow you to create a better brand experience for your customers, and help you to build real relationships with your customer base.

And secondly, I would advise that brands use their Line official account more actively. Use your account as a PR channel, not just posting about product news, but creating real organic content that provides both value and entertainment to the user.

Need help with marketing on Line?

I hope this blog post has been a useful overview of the key tips and trends to think about when doing Line marketing in 2024.

If you would like assistance with any aspect of Line marketing, reach out to Webcertain today! Our friendly team of international social media marketing specialists will be happy to help.

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