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Live Indian films over the Internet

According to a research report published in August 2001 by Gartner’s Dataquest, the country which can expect the highest growth rates in the Asia-Pacific region was India. From 2001 to 2005, Dataquest expected India to enjoy average subscriber growth of 44 percent a year. At that point, India would have 21.3 million subscribers making it the No. 4 Internet market in the Asia-Pacific region after China, Japan and South Korea. Their forecast came true. India has Internet users to the tune of 26 million this year.

Chennai (Madras) based G V Films Limited has decided to capitalise on this by commencing online web streaming of nearly 6000 Indian filmsand expects to launch it in next 4 months,

The company has also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with 1-Net Singapore to stream and distribute live films to a global audience – particularly to Indians abroad and in India. Kimberley Foo, assistant director, games and entertainment division of Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) of Singapore.1-Net, a technology solutions provider and operator of Singapore’s broadband network – SingaporeOne, will host the portals “gvtamilfilms.com” and “telugupictures.com”.

Addressing a press conference, Mahadevan Ganesh, chairman of GV Films said that the company had invested Rs.90 crores in attaining the internet copyrights for the 6,000 films in the last four years. 1-Net Singapore will share about 15 per cent of the revenues from movie portal during the first year, however, Ganesh declined to comment further on the revenue sharing method.

Two portals Viz., gvtamilfilms.com and telugupictures.com will be hosted by 1-Net Singapore who have invested resources for content distribution. The websites, which are paid sites, have both subscription and pay-per-view modes with a download time of 15 minutes for which the customer payment will be through credit cards.

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