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Search is hot for US Hispanics

Recently I came across a statistic that I have been long waiting to see, it was published thanks to a recently released Advertising Age report named “HISPANIC FACT PACK: Annual Guide to Hispanic Advertising & Marketing 2005 Edition”. See following table:

This table, which takes into account both English and Spanish speaking Hispanic users, demonstrates how #1, #2, #3, #4, and #7 are our dearly beloved SEARCH ENGINES! Oh YES! Hispanics love search! Here is the data to prove its impact. There are no other web properties that get higher visits than these. Search is an important tool for all people online (including Hispanics) to accomplish their daily needs. Whether it?s for shopping, research or knowing what?s new in entertainment, news, or a favorite recipe. The recipe for success is search for them. Then again, websites like eBay (#5), Amazon (#8) and Cnet (#10) could have received in large proportion of their traffic via a search results as they are highly optimised.

One more thing that grasps my attention, is the reach among each of these web properties. From these percentages seems to me that both Yahoo! and AOL have been doing a great job focusing on the Hispanic market. Most likely this is due to their Yahoo! en EspaƱol and AOL Latino advertising campaigns. Their marketing push has brought great rewards. Microsoft is not doing that bad. On the other hand, Google and Ask Jeeves must keep these numbers in mind and keep thinking of strategies to gain market share reach against its rivals. Google already taking action from its recent deal to power Univison.com search results into the world wide web. However, “Donde esta el Mayordomo Jeeves?”.

How can we (the search engine marketers) do for website owners to help accomplish growth in this market segment? There is so much content, especially Spanish content, that needs to be optimised so that search engines can understand it via their algorithms and point users in the most relevant direction. At the same time, I feel there is so much education still needed for search engine marketers to do it right.

Keep these things in mind and hope to see all of you in SES Latino 2006 , which is a new event in the Search Engine Strategies line up. As you know, Hispanics and Latin America rank among the top worldwide Internet users and they are the fastest growing region in the world. For more information, please visit the website.

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