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Market share Dutch search engines

The new numbers of the Dutch National Search Engine Monitor (research 1.379 Dutch people) provided by search engine marketing company Checkit and RM Interactive show that Google still the most used search engine.

Sometimes used
Google 96% (+1)
Ilse 20% (-2)
Live.nl 8% (-5)
Yahoo! 8% (+3)
Lycos 4% (=0)

Mostley used
Google 90% (-1)
Ilse 4% (-1)
Live.nl 1% (-1)
Yahoo! 0% (=0)
Lycos 0% (=0)

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Paul Aelen

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3 Responses to Market share Dutch search engines

  1. Paul Aelen says:

    It’s strange indeed…Yahoo does not promote his Search Engine in the Netherlands…

  2. Very interesting Paul, especially the lack of public awareness of “Live”.

    From the same report;
    Public Awareness
    Google 99% (+1)
    Ilse 89% (=0)
    Live.nl (before MSN Search) 42% (-29)
    Yahoo! 72% (=0)
    Lycos 68% (+1)

    Very interesting trends – the public awareness of Ilse has always been amazing compared to the “big boys” of Yahoo! and Microsoft.
    Very interesting to see as well that Google keeps growing terrain – looking forward to see the results of the next market research, and how Live develops.

    It’s expected to see a raise in awareness and use of Live as Microsoft markets the product and people slowly become aware of the transition.

  3. That looks like a pretty good result for Yahoo to me – I guess the team there will be pleased!

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