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The 'new' Dutch ilse

On the Picnic event I spoke to Nils Rooijmans who was enthusiastic about the new search core search engine ilse has been using. Ilse Media took a licence on the French search technology Exalead to give better search results orientated … Read More

Market share Dutch search engines

The new numbers of the Dutch National Search Engine Monitor (research 1.379 Dutch people) provided by search engine marketing company Checkit and RM Interactive show that Google still the most used search engine. Sometimes used Google 96% (+1) Ilse 20% … Read More

Dutch Farmers have lost court case against Google

Reuters reports that the Dutch farmer dating site (supported by the FNV Union) has lost their court case in Amsterdam. The judge ruled that the keywords (in broadmatching) “farm” and “date” were too general. The combination (Farm-date, Farmdate etc.) however … Read More

Top 10 best scoring Dutch websites

Nijmegen, 5 April 2006 – Search Engine Mediabureau Checkit (http://www.checkit.nl) has in cooperation with Tilburg University conducted research on the online findability for search engines of the 100 largest advertisers in the Netherlands: 68% of the websites cannot be easily … Read More

Google top of mind in the Netherlands

Search Engine Mediabureau Checkit presents with RM Interactive the results of the National Search Engine Monitor. A research under 1.297 Dutch people. Here the date of who knows the Search Engine by name, who uses a particulier Search Engine and … Read More

Google imitates Zoeken.nl?

According to news on SEW is Google currently testing a feature which we know from the Dutch Search Engine Zoeken.nl as keyword-clustering. Google offers this new tool as a “quick result”. We have already seem this tool at Google Base … Read More

Offline Google Ads

The first Google offline content ads appeared in the ‘Sun-Times’, as reported by the Chicago Times on 12 December. They have closed a deal which allows them to fill a column on the right with 15 positions. They even seem … Read More

Top 10 Dutch websites = Search

In the Netherlands are the top 10 websites of 2005 mostley Search Search and Search: 1. Google 2. Startpagina (Directory) 3. Msn.nl 4. Markplaats (Search too?) 5. Detelefoongids.nl (people search) 6. MSN.com 8. Speuders (Search too?) 10. eBay (Search too?)

Google IG homepage in Dutch

Google Startpage has launched yesterday, amonog the countries, The Netherlands!! You have to search for the hyperlink on Google to IG but now I have the possibility to get my own Google page with feeds, news, weather, stocks and of … Read More