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MSN ties the knot with Telefónica Publicity and Information (TPI)

In an interesting move last week, MSN Spain, the leading portal in Spain and TPI (Telefónica Publicidad e Informacion), the principal business directory in Spain, have signed an agreement to integrate TPI’s yellow pages listings into a brand new channel of information, MSN Páginas Amarillas (MSN Yellow Pages). The joint venture makes available the 2 million listings in the TPI database to MSN Spain’s impressive 9.5 million monthly users.

Users will be able to conduct segmented searches, varying from activity, product, brand, company name, province, and city.

7 million registered MSN Messenger users in Spain will also be able to access the listings service directly from their messenger, by clicking on the “Actualidad” (MSN Today) tab, which among other things, features news and weather alerts.

Not only is the service available on the Páginas Amarillas (Yellow Pages) website, but MSN now has direct access on the MSN Spain portal to White Pages and a Maps/Directions service, two very popular TPI products.

According to Victor Castro, Country Manager MSN Spain, “with this agreement, MSN reaffirms our commitment to continue offering a web of information and communication services that adapts to the needs of our users. We are convinced that with the launch of MSN Páginas Amarillas we are making yet another step to situate ourselves as the leading online platform in the market. “


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