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Russian President Putin on Yandex

The Russian search engine Yandex is partnering with the BBC to collect questions for a special interactive session with President Putin to be held on the 6th July 2006 at 1400BST.

“We understand that the number of question will greatly exceed the number which can be answered by one man in one and a half hours – says Arkady Volozh, CEO of Yandex. However, the questions collected will be valuable in themselves as they can provide an objective picture of the current interests of the society. I am sure that even before the beginning of the Internet conference itself, we will learn a lot about ourselves and our country.”

A continuously updated rating of topics based on the votes of the users will be published on the president.yandex.ru website. Questions can be placed in English through the ‘Have Your Say’ page on the BBC web site.

The program can be seen live on the BBC ‘Have Your Say’ web site or on BBCRussian.com

Source: Yandex

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  1. AvatarAlyosha says:

    you can see a translation of the most popular question on the Yandex site here

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