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Russian Yandex release auto-focus PPC tool

Yandex, the Russian mega-portal, have released a new auto-focus tool for their PPC system, Yandex Direct. This will give marketers the ability to let the system select similar keyword terms for their adverts.

As you might expect the auto-focus is based on the statistics Yandex holds on their user searches. It will delete or add keywords to each campaign to try and meet the adverts with the correct user search.

As Zahar Plush, lead developer of the Auto-focus system explains.

“For example, on the word combination “минеральные воды” (Mineral water) there can be advertisers selling the delivery of mineral water as well as some addressing the water treatments in the health resorts in the Caucuses. The data we have available to us makes it possible to exclude searches for the first advertiser which contain words such as “Caucasian”, “city”, “airport”, and for the second advertiser, searches which contain the words “office”, “market”, “drinkable”. Therefore advertisers avoid having their campaigns turned off for low CTR and better target their adverts to the correct users.

Source: Yandex News

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