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Sawafi: A new Arabic search engine

Threadwatch carries the news that Seekport are partnering with an Arabic company to create a new Arabic language search engine:

“There is no (full) Arabic Internet search engine on the market. You find so-called search engines, but they involve a directory search, not a local search. There’s nothing available for overall Internet search,” Hermann Havermann, managing director of German Internet tech firm Seekport, told Reuters.

“There is not enough Arabic content available on the Internet. But there’s no motivation to put more Arabic content on the Internet as long as you don’t have a system to find the content,” Havermann said.

The Yahoo! news article reports that the Arabic online advertising market could grow to $150 million in 2008 from $10 million at present.

Source: TW | Yahoo! News

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8 Responses to Sawafi: A new Arabic search engine

  1. Wael Nowa says:

    http://www.ajnad.com is by far the easiest to use and most comperhensive online keyboard and search engine.

  2. Hossam says:

    sawalive Team (student graduated from USA university) has developed a smart bilingual search engine to search Arabic–English Web pages. I suggest for all the pepole who speaks arabic language to check this search engine. http://www.sawalive.com
    it has a very good information.. good luck

  3. Ahmad says:

    It’s not that difficult to type in arabic, most of them have virtual keyboards, plus, we didn’t see yet a good transliteral converter that works good, plus you have the different words and tonalities and expressions in arabic that differ between the GCC/Levant/North Africa.

  4. Tayait.com says:

    Tayait.com is an arabic search engine with a lot of options for the arabic world and the arab people – تايا إت هو محرك بحث عربي يحتوي على العديد من الوظائف في عالم البحث باللغة العربية حيث يحتوي على تصريفات, ترجمة لفظية, مترادفات Ùˆ مشتقات

  5. Maher says:

    The problem with Arabic search is not the lack of search engines but the difficultly in writing Arabic for those who are used to an English keyboard (I would say this applies to the majority of users).

    As part of the eiktub(TM) team, we came up with a solution for this problem: type Arabic words using English letters as you hear it, our software provides the conversion to Arabic.

    Using this technology you can google-search the web for Arabic words and at:

    We also provide a free text editor that allows accurate, and efficient way to write fully vowelized Arabic without having access to an Arabic keyboard. The software can be downloaded from:

  6. James Spellmann says:

    What really gets me mad is all the false claims that most Arabic websites do, or lack of research.

    Ayna.com exists since 1997 as an Arabic search engine (documented and proved to be an SE) and after Ayna.com we saw another SE which is Araby.

    If it is false claims; that’s really bad to their image, if it’s lack of research than they are in big trouble!

    I am seeing another arabia.com case here, lots of hype and no delivering!

  7. saksoook says:

    Check out http://www.addaall.com this is the up coming Arabic search engine that covers with good investment might be the (and the only) Arabic search engine.

  8. Marina Zaliznyak says:

    By the way, I just found out that “Sawafi” means “sandstorm”

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