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Search Engine Marketing Campaigns: the link to your offline marketing campaigns

Brand development works usually focus on the high volume medium: TV, radio, billboard, newspaper, etc…

Marketers often forget about supporting their offline communication efforts with an online campaign. I am not talking about social media, viral marketing or buzz marketing campaigns… I mean a real added value Search Engine Marketing strategy based on Pay Per Click / Search Engine Advertising campaigns and SEO works!

The 2007 iProspect survey – based on 25 closed–ended questions to 2,322 individuals about their behaviors, attitudes, and preferences as they relate to games, digital imaging, portable devices, and service bundles – shows the following trends:

  • Offline channels – television, radio, billboard, outdoor, sports and transportation advertising, etc – strongly influence online search users to run  queries on search engines, the search queries are based on brands, company name, products, service name, slogan that were communicated on in the offline channel message. Television and word of mouth are the main offline search influencers!
  • Branded keywords strongly impact search queries vs. the non–branded keywords (company advertising, slogan, or “other”) – 68% vs. 18%. Company, Product and Service Names are the most used keyword types
  • Most importantly, a third of the searches ran under the influence of an offline marketing campaign result into an online purchase!

Tactics as simple as displaying / announcing the company’s URL are the most effective.

More rare, though super effective, are offline campaigns that state “search keyword:  “Google adwords” — sending online users to search results pages where savvy marketers know searchers will find their company listing at the top of either or both the natural or paid search results.

Given the above facts, it is key for an effective communication campaign to plan a PPC campaign as a major online channel to fully capitalise on the potential volume of search queries. A dedicated fully optimised web page will also help such initiative… Especially if you plan yoru campaign around a made up keyword or keyphrase – allow for mispelling etc…

Last but not least, track your results as the campaign runs!

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