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Search Marketing in Estonia

Happy new year everyone,
I am a new member on the blogging team and from time to time I will bring you search marketing and related news from the snowy Baltic state of Estonia… I may also mention what’s going on in Latvia and Lithuania from time to time.

I referred to search marketing in this post’s title because I feel it the best phrase that encompasses search engine marketing, search engine optimsation, seo and paid search marketing… but anyway you know what I mean.

You can read a bit about the general state of affairs in Estonia in the free Global Search Report 2007

Russian is spoken by a third of the population and so Rambler, Yandex and Google.ru play an important role for Russian speakers.

However for Estonian speakers the bottom line is that the big two players are Google.ee and Neti.ee (who are owned by the largest telecom group)

Both have paid search options although Neti does not have, or plan to have, a pay per click model.
With Neti you buy keywords and pay for placement (of a text or banner ad) over a period of time.
Price depends on the category (popularity) of the keyword.

Here at altex we have two Qualified Adwords professionals on our team and plan to add 2 or 3 more this year.

We have just signed a Marketing Cooperation Agreement with Google and we are also friendly and work closely with Neti.

REF SEO the main issue is not technical here in Estonia but lack of content strategy.
There are many people who know how to make a site SEO-friendly but not so many who identify the keywords that should be used and which content should be developed.
However I like to think things are improving quite quickly now.

There are many internet marketing events held in Estonia and we organise the majority of them so if any search marketing experts out there want to come and speak then get in touch.
Nope we don’t generally pay fees to speakers but can sometimes handle flights and accommodation costs depending on the nature of the event, the costs involved and the experience of the speaker.
Tallinn the capital of Estonia is beautiful and worth a visit so speaking at an event can kill two birds with one stone.

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