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Baidu unveils the 'Aladdin Plan' to reveal hidden web

Baidu, the world’s largest Chinese search engine, announced the opening of a Shanghai research and development center to implement the “Aladdin Plan” in order to identifying the ‘Hidden Web’. The Hidden Web, also know as ‘Deepnet’ or, the ‘Invisible Web’ is content that is not currently indexed by search engines. This area of the web is estimated to be several time larger than the surface Web, which statistics indicate accounts for 0.2 percent of the total information available.

“Aladdin is an open search engine platform,” said Li Yinan, Chief Technology Officer of Baidu, “we hope this platform could instantly meet all the searching demands of our users, just like the Aladdin’s lamp in the fairy story.” Li defines this plan as “the most technically challenging task” and more than 1000 core engineers of 2000 have been involved in the plan. “More engineers will be involved following the establishment of Shanghai R&D center,” added Li.

Sources: Trading Markets, ChinaStakes.com

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