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Spanish search engines and why marketers should target the country


(Updated with the latest stats on April 2020)

Slowly but steadily recovering from years of severe economic turmoil, Spain looks destined to appear more frequently on the radar of international marketers.

Ongoing innovation within the digital realm bodes well in terms of gaining the status and recognition that Spain’s population size and historical importance warrant.

This blog post will teach you more about the size of the Spanish opportunity and the most popular Spanish search engines.


The size of the Spanish market

Spain has almost 43 million internet users, equivalent to 92% of the population.

With such a large and growing online population, Spain is understandably an attractive target market for many businesses considering expanding internationally.

Most popular Spanish search engines

  • Google 97%
  • Bing 2%
  • Yahoo 1%

Google is by far the most popular of the Spanish search engines, accounting for 97% of all searches in the country. Bing comes in at second place, with a 2% share of the search market, followed by Yahoo in third place at 1%.

Looking at the devices that Spanish internet users use when searching online, computers and mobiles are almost neck and neck. Mobiles account for 49% of the market, with computers coming in close behind at 47%. This shows it is important to have a mobile-friendly website if you are targeting Spain.

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Mario is a Business Solutions Manager at Webcertain with 10 years of marketing experience. His hands-on experience in international PPC allows him to help clients succeed internationally. He has managed medium to global-size campaigns on major search engines including Google, Yandex, Baidu, Naver, Yahoo! Japan, Facebook and LinkedIn. Mario is also a Yandex.Expert-certified professional and he regularly shares his knowledge on how international businesses can optimise their campaigns on Yandex. Mario is originally from Spain and speaks Spanish, English, and Italian.

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