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Advertising on Facebook is powerful


Do you want to know how to run and optimise Facebook campaigns, even if you lack any experience with this? Keep reading to learn how it can greatly benefit your business too, even internationally.

Is it still worth investing in Facebook?

Yes, it is. Because on Facebook it is easier to find the right audience, catch their attention and get conversions. Why? Because Facebook has roughly double the amount of users of WhatsApp. It also has the highest digital audience penetration vs engagement ratio. According to 96% of social media marketers worldwide, Facebook provides the best ROI out of all the social platforms.


Moreover, Facebook’s self-service advertising interface is easy to use: all you need is creativity, audience research, and persona development. Remember that on Facebook there is always a way back if you are not happy with the performance of your ads, as you have the possibility to create new ads as often as you want.


Never run a Facebook campaign before?

To get started, first of all choose your objective; once you have done this, select your audience to know where to run your ads.


To start advertising on Facebook you don’t need to spend lots of money, but you have to design your ads in line with your campaign objective and engage with your audience, even outside of your country. It is crucial to be aware that different countries have different audiences; for instance, do you know if your audience prefers images or text? You can then decide which kind of ads will better suit your business, as we’ll see in the next paragraph.

Types of Facebook ads


To raise the awareness of your products and your brand, you can start with Facebook photo ads, that is basic ads with one image plus text. You can also get creative on Facebook video ads (one video plus text). Video ads are the best way to engage with your audience, as the number of users that connect to the internet via mobile keeps growing, and they prefer video to other formats. But this is not the only way to stand out.

Facebook slideshow ads automatically create a video from up to ten still images, and Facebook carousel ads use up to ten photos or videos plus text to create high engagement with your audience. For a mobile-only approach, there is Facebook collection ads, which showcases multiple products or features to benefit your conversions and traffic. Finally, Facebook lead ads connect people with your business through a pre-filled lead advert form.


As you can see above in the chart from Hanapin Marketing, it is clear that the most effective formats are single image, carousel, and video ads. Nevertheless, why not try the other formats, and be the first to exploit this space?

Something to keep in mind

On Facebook, it is always good practice to test your approach first, as the audience is constantly evolving and you should change, adapt and evolve with it.

If your ad has low relevance or receives negative feedback, adjusting your targeting and your content will make a difference and improve your relevance score and feedback. And finally, make use of call-to-action buttons to easily connect your audience with your business.

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Mario Herrera Perez

Business Solutions Manager at Webcertain
Mario is a Business Solutions Manager at Webcertain with 10 years of marketing experience. His hands-on experience in international PPC allows him to help clients succeed internationally. He has managed medium to global-size campaigns on major search engines including Google, Yandex, Baidu, Naver, Yahoo! Japan, Facebook and LinkedIn. Mario is also a Yandex.Expert-certified professional and he regularly shares his knowledge on how international businesses can optimise their campaigns on Yandex. Mario is originally from Spain and speaks Spanish, English, and Italian.

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