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The benefits of programmatic advertising


The use of programmatic advertising is increasing and the integration of AI is fast improving its results. But what are the benefits of using this technology? Find out here!

Programmatic ad spend worldwide is expected to exceed £228 billion next year and most advertisers have now fully embraced this technology.


Here are some of the benefits of programmatic:

  1. The artificial intelligence integrated in programmatic advertising allows for automated buying, advanced targeting metrics, and dynamic ads. Programmatic can be implemented at all levels of a campaign, saving costs and time by constantly monitoring and optimising performance and spend.
  2. Programmatic allows marketers to devolve more time to the bigger picture and to optimising campaign results instead of having to keep a close eye on costs.
  3. This technology has the lowest ad fraud rates of all forms of media available today, although marketers should monitor all activity closely to increase chances of detecting any ad fraud attempts.
  4. Programmatic has the ability to handle big volumes of data to help you identify potential customers with common qualities and buying behaviours.

Despite some marketers having mixed feelings about programmatic, it can’t be denied that this technology is growing and constantly showing very positive results. Will you be getting on board?

Read our full guide to programmatic advertising here.

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Aman Raffi

Programmatic Campaign Manager at Webcertain
Aman is a Programmatic Campaign Manager at Webcertain, where he manages international programmatic digital projects for all Webcertain clients. He has been involved in developing international programmatic trading, setting up DSPs, and heading the programmatic unit, the campaign management process, and establishing best practices for Webcertain. He is involved in building strategic optimisation, omni-channel online strategy and testing frameworks to deliver outstanding results for clients. Aman has experience in several industries such as aviation, automotive, FMCG, QSR, luxury goods, telecom and technology, real estate, government bodies, and more. He likes keeping up to date with the latest digital trends and is keen to always improve the digital experience.

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