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The Google grant for non-profit organisations: Products and eligibility


Your non-profit organisation might be eligible for the Google grant, an initiative which allows charitable organisations to use Google’s advertising products for free in order to promote their work. Read our blog post to discover a few products covered by the grant, and whether you meet the criteria.

The grant

The Google grant allows your organisation to have free access to Google’s advertising tools, such as Google Ad Grants, YouTube and Google Earth among others, with the view to promote your activities and spread your message as far as possible. Let’s get a closer look at what’s included:

Google Ad Grants

The grant includes a dedicated budget to promote your non-profit organisation’s work on Google’s search engine. You will be able to build and manage your non-profit organisation’s AdWords account to help you promote your work.

YouTube Non-profit Programme

Google offers access to cutting-edge production studios at YouTube Spaces around the globe, as well as technical support if necessary. Video is a great way to reach the younger audiences!

Google Earth Outreach

Apart from giving your organisation premium access to Google Maps APIs, your account can receive 1 million map credits free of charge for your website or websites. This means your organisation can publish maps on your website, as well as display different locations with street-level 360 imagery, all thanks to the application.


The requirements

To be eligible for the programme:

  • Your organisation has to be active and registered as a charitable organisation in one of the eligible countries. This programme is available in more than 50 countries around the world. If you are not sure whether yours qualifies, you can check here.
  • Your organisation must meet some detailed specifications that vary depending on the country it is registered in.
  • Your organisation must not be a governmental entity, a hospital, or an academic institution.
  • Your organisation needs to be registered with the local TechSoup partner in the same country it is registered in.
  • Your organisation must have a functioning website with an approved domain.
  • You should also expect Google to ask you for some additional info and docs, as well as the goals you want to achieve with this grant. Be ready to hand it all in when completing the online application!

Once you receive the grant, stay alert and make sure that you remain eligible for it. Once awarded the grant, all ads created on your organisation’s account must only be linked to the organisation’s website domain approved at the beginning of the application process.

All ads promoted must reflect your mission and objectives; they must not offer financial products or ask for goods. Finally, your organisation can’t display ads from Google AdSense or other affiliate advertising links.

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