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Three Things That Prove Seznam Is Important In The Czech Republic


When most people hear the phrase “search engine”, they automatically think of Google.

But Google isn’t the only search engine out there, and in the Czech Republic there is a popular alternative called Seznam.

Here are three things about Seznam that you should know if you’re targeting the Czech Republic.

1. Search engine market shares in the Czech Republic

Back in 2000, Seznam was actually the most popular search engine in the Czech Republic, when it made up 53% of the search engine market share. At the peak of its popularity, it accounted for 62% of all search queries made in the country. Nowadays, Google has overtaken it to take the top spot, with the American search giant now making up almost 83% of the search engine market. Seznam still accounts for a healthy 13% of all searches though, so it shouldn’t be forgotten about just yet.

2. Seznam vs. Google for Czech language searches

The Czech language is very complex, with diacritical marks over the characters that either prolong the pronunciation of vowels or soften the consonant. There are many words in Czech where the usage of diacritical marks alters the meaning of a word. When comparing the search results given by Seznam and the Czech version of Google, Seznam often understands the Czech language much better and provides more relevant search results.

3. Advertising on Seznam

Seznam offers a paid advertising solution called Seznam Sklik. Seznam has more options when it comes to the position of the ads, and it displays more ads per page than Google does. If you want to do digital advertising the Czech Republic, it is a good idea to target both Google and Seznam for an optimal approach.

These three facts have hopefully highlighted to you why Seznam is an important search engine to consider if you’re targeting the Czech Republic. For more in-depth information, download our free guide on Seznam.


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Ivana Kanuscakova

Linguistic Assistant at Webcertain
Ivana is a Linguistic Assistant at Webcertain. After gaining a strong linguistic background while studying for a ‘Specialisation in Education: English language in the Czech Republic’, she decided to move to the UK to broaden her knowledge. She has gained experience in translation and interpreting since, and has been discovering the world of digital marketing. Ivana in originally from the Czech Republic.

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