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3 tips for digital marketing in Sweden

This blog post was updated on 29 August 2023.

Sweden is one of the most digitally mature markets in the world. 94% of the country’s 10.6 million-strong population are online, spending an average of 6 hours and 2 minutes online every day.

This, combined with the country’s high level of wealth and spending power, makes Sweden very attractive to businesses wanting to expand internationally.

But in order to succeed in Sweden, you must adapt your digital marketing campaign to the country’s unique culture and online landscape.

This blog post explains three top tips for digital marketing in Sweden.

1. Sweden’s lagom culture

Lagom is central to Swedish culture and roughly translates to “in balance” or “not too little, not too much”. Excessive or grand behaviour is seen as distasteful and unappealing, and culturally people are less inclined towards self-interest. Bear this in mind when adapting your marketing messaging to the Swedish market. Make sure you are not portraying your company as too boastful or grandiose, as this attitude might alienate your audience.

Be aware that, unlike in many other markets worldwide, Amazon is not top dog in Sweden. Instead, the local marketplace Blocket is the most popular in the Swedish e-commerce market. If you want to sell your products in Sweden, Blocket should therefore be your priority platform.

3. One-third of Swedish internet users use an ad blocker

Be aware that 33% of Swedish internet users use an ad blocking tool. This means you do not want to rely completely on search advertising. Your organic SEO and content marketing efforts must also be given the attention they deserve in order to reach those internet users who have turned on an ad blocker.

Want to learn more?

I hope this blog post has given you a useful introduction to how to digital marketing in Sweden. For more in-depth information, read the free, full-length guide here. The guide covers:

  • the current digital landscape in the country, including internet penetration rates
  • the typical Swedish internet user, including their gender, age, location and online activities
  • device usage breakdowns and internet speeds in Sweden
  • search engine marketing in Sweden
  • how to localise your website for Sweden
  • social media marketing in Sweden
  • the local culture and language in Sweden
  • e-commerce in Sweden
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