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Three ways content marketing can help SEO


Content is an integral part of any international digital marketing strategy: there would be nothing to read, view or engage with if there was no content.

Furthermore, the regular creation of valuable and relevant content has become an important ranking factor that all the major global search engines take into account when ranking websites.

Digital marketers need to provide trustworthy, authoritative, useful and relevant content, so that their website can be found when a user types in a relevant search query.

Here are three ways that content marketing can help SEO that you need to be aware of if you want to succeed online internationally.

1. Keyword insertion

More content on the page means more opportunities to insert keywords. However, attention needs to be paid to keyword density. The times when keyword stuffing were allowed are gone, and the recommended number of keywords might vary based on the length of the page and the search engine. It is recommended to use one primary keyword per page. Two more supporting keywords can be chosen for the text. All keywords should be inserted where it makes sense to the reader.

2. Relevant and unique content

All the world’s major search engines rank websites more highly if they produce relevant and unique content.

  • Google advises that sites should avoid automatically-generated content and scraped content which is republished from other sites without adding any original value.
  • Yandex has similar guidelines, and it also recommends to create original content, and think about users rather than search engines when doing so.
  • Baidu introduced an algorithm update called Hurricane in July 2017, which punishes sites that use scraped content.
  • Naver appreciates content that shows expertise rather than forced daily posting.
  • Bing advises to provide clear, in-depth and easy-to-find content. Thin content pages with many ads and affiliate links tend not to rank well.

3. Increasing time on-site

The purpose of content is to be read and shared. Website owners want users to spend as much time on-site as possible, so that they can convert users into buyers and also get extra points from the search engines for their ranking position.

Here are some tips for making the content on your webpages more appealing, which will help encourage users to spend more time on your website:

  • Make the titles of your articles provocative and catchy.
  • Include stats and figures in the body of the text.
  • Create an interactive experience via embedded infographics, quizzes and videos. Include relevant screenshots, product images and graphs etc. Content of this type will engage users more than just plain writing.
  • Write a story that users want to read until the end.
  • Update your blog posts and articles regularly for relevancy.

I hope this has given you a useful introduction to how content marketing can help SEO. For more in-depth information, read our free guide below.


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Jitka Jizerova

Digital Demand Generation Manager at ZenAuto
Jitka has more than six years of experience in international digital marketing. Whilst working at Webcertain, she gained experience in social media, link building, SEO and content marketing. She focused on building demand generation campaigns which encompassed a wide range of marketing activities in order to build and nurture new prospects and customer relationships. Jitka has achieved the Google Analytics IQ, Search and Display AdWords qualifications and the Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification. She is originally from the Czech Republic and now lives in the UK.

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