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Turks like shopping abroad online

According the MasterCard Turkey, the number of purchases Turkish internet users have made online at non-Turkish websites has increased more than 20% while the value of purchases increased 46% between 2005-2006.

The most popular online shopping destinations for Turkish people have been USA, UK, Germany, Singapure, Israel, Canada, Austria, Hong Kong, Belgium and Ireland based websites. And the most popular products bought from the websites abroad have been Books/CDs, Clothing, Toys and Cosmetics.

It is a clear example to why businesses should not underestimate the importance of a global internet marketing strategy.

Another interesting finding of MasterCard’s survey was that only 11% of Turkish population has made a purchase online in the last 12 months and the most purchased shopping items have been flight/travel tickets (36%), social activity tickets (34%) and books/dvds (15%) in 2006. The most purchased products in 2005 have been electronic goods. The change is believed to be due to the fast development of the budget airlines industry in Turkey.

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