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Global Search Report 2007 – free PDF download released

The WebCertain Search and Social Report 2010 is an updated version of the 2007 report – including more countries and facts and figures on both search and social media.

Download the 2010 report now

Countries included are:

Brazil, Czech Republic, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, UK and USA.

More countries will be added each month.

The Global Search Report is an annual compilation of search engine usage and PPC statistics from countries around the world. The aim of the report is to raise the profile of markets outside the usual well reported US/UK sphere and should provide essential information to those interested in multilingual marketing.

In the 2007 report we covered the following 17 countries:

The report can be downloaded free of charge by clicking the following link.

Download Global Search Report 2007 21 Pages (1.3MB)

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41 Responses to Global Search Report 2007 – free PDF download released

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  2. AvatarAnders Online Marketing says:

    I am working with marketing in Denmark and is searching for inspiration in the digital world. Thanks for inspiration

  3. AvatarNieruchomosci says:

    Hi, where is the Poland? 😉
    Where can I find report 2008?

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  5. Avataras says:

    this is another pdf search engine, supprt PDF,DOC,PPT,XLS, RTF,TXT, AI, PS,DWF,SWF files.
    very very simple and you can search many types at once

  6. AvatarBranden Lehman says:

    I would like more statistics like this two especially for Saudi Arabia and Mexico, any suggestions
    What are the most common used search engines in these areas and what percentage of search engine users use Google and Yahoo!

  7. AvatarКирилл says:

    Where can one find more stats like this, especially for the 10 biggest markets and I am particularly interested in India

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  12. AvatarNick Wilsdon says:

    Hi Ashley

    I think we met briefly at Internet World 2006 in London actually! Yes, that is fine for you to use this material at e-consultancy, I’m a big fan of the work you do over there.

    It would probably interest you to know that we will have a new report out in June, and then move to a quarterly output. I already have another 6 countries lined up to join us and the report will become even more comprehensive over time. The feedback I have got from people is that quarterly updates would work, as the markets are developing fairly rapidly at the moment.

    Feel free to contact me off site with any questions



  13. AvatarAshley Friedlein says:

    Hi Nick

    This report is great. Thanks. In the past it has been a nightmare to get country-level search stats outside of the usual suspects. Of course, Google has all the data but is reluctant to publish it. At a SES panel a year or two ago that I was on there were a lot of questions about the search market in various European countries and it was clear no-one really had any data on them.

    Are you happy for us to include some extracts in our “Internet Statistics Compendiume” (see http://www.e-consultancy.com/publications/internet-stats-compendium/ ) – we will, of course, credit the source and provide a link.


    Ashley Friedlein

  14. AvatarMatt Ellsworth says:

    awesome repor t- thanks!

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  16. AvatarNick Wilsdon says:

    Hi Marcelo,

    Thanks, I’ll send you a PM. We should be starting the collection process again in April. We’re working on some better ways to do this though.

  17. AvatarMarcelo Sant'Iago says:

    Nick, let me know when you start working on the next version to include infos from Brazil.

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  29. AvatarNick Wilsdon says:

    Hi Rakesh,

    All the countries covered in the 2007 report are listed above. We intend to make this an annual release and will definitely be covering India next time.

  30. AvatarNuno Hipólito says:

    We were feature today on Search Engine Land:



  31. AvatarRakesh Bhambani says:

    Where can one find more stats like this, especially for the 10 biggest markets and I am particularly interested in India.

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