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Watch the recording: How to create a successful international content strategy

Think international SEO is all about technical? Think again! Content is also crucial for SEO performance in international markets. From effective keyword research and mapping, to writing quality content and localising effectively, there is plenty to consider. Countries differ in language, culture, currency and much more, so it is important that your content strategy reflects this and is tailored to each target market.

In our webinar recording, we take a deep dive into international content strategy, exploring why it is important and how it can help drive results for your business. The webinar features guest speaker and seasoned SEO expert Liraz Postan, Founder and CEO of LP Marketing Services Inc. Liraz shares insights gleaned during her 12 years of experience in international SEO, giving you the know-how to create a winning content strategy for international SEO.

Here are some teasers of what you will learn during the webinar:

  • Translation vs. localisation: These terms are often conflated, but in reality, their meanings are very different. We explore exactly what translation and localisation are, outlining the pros and cons of each approach. We also provide information on best practice to help you develop a successful international content strategy.
  • Variation of content: We discuss which aspects of your content to localise and how to do this effectively.

If that has got your attention, then check out our webinar recording and get the insights you need to take your international content strategy to the next level! Topics covered during the webinar include:

  • what an international content strategy is and why you should have one
  • the difference between translation and localisation
  • how to put a winning localisation strategy in place
  • how to use internal resources to help you succeed

This webinar is a must-watch for marketing professionals looking to boost their SEO success in international markets. Watch the recording today!

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Danielle Woods

Senior Account Manager and Team Leader at Webcertain
Danielle is a Senior Account Manager and Team Leader at Webcertain, where she manages a wide range of digital marketing activities for her clients. She has an excellent understanding of PPC, social media, SEO and translation, which allows her to provide high-quality guidance and support. Danielle has always had a keen interest in language and culture. In 2017, she graduated from the University of Edinburgh with an MA Spanish degree (minors in German and Danish). During her degree programme, she spent a year living in Spain and is keenly aware of how cultural differences are a key consideration for effective marketing. Since graduation, Danielle has worked in marketing across varied industries from technology and construction, to education, beauty and travel.

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