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Watch the recording: What global companies could learn from start-ups

Global companies have resources, scale and reach, but sometimes this comes at the cost of good communication, innovation and agility.

In contrast, these are traits that start-ups have in droves, since these smaller companies are forced to develop efficient processes in order to survive and thrive.

But what if there were a way to have the best of both worlds? What if large global companies could learn some key practices from start-ups, in order to become more efficient, holistic and agile?

Our webinar recording explores this exact topic!

One key aspect we explore is the fact that as companies grow larger, departments tend to end up operating in silos, with little communication between different teams as they each have different focuses.

This can be damaging, as they could inadvertently end up working against one another, rather than working together. It can lead to a lack of knowledge sharing, inefficient processes and poorer results.

And yet, this does not happen in start-ups. Why? Because start-ups, due to their small size, are forced to take a more holistic approach, with everyone working together, communicating efficiently and some people even taking on multiple roles.

Whilst no one is suggesting that large global companies should start forcing employees to do multiple roles, what they can learn is the importance of communication between teams.

Working with an agency can help to facilitate this, as agencies often act as the link between large companies’ internal teams.

If you want to learn more about what global companies could learn from start-ups, check out our webinar recording on this topic now!

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • best practice for communication between teams
  • why a holistic approach is best for digital marketing
  • how to be innovative and agile on a large scale
  • why taking risks can pay off for global marketing campaigns
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Olivia Lofts

Account Manager at Webcertain
Olivia is an Account Manager at Webcertain, where she confidently manages clients’ PPC, SEO, content marketing and website development projects. She has solid marketing knowledge and analytical skills, enabling her to offer excellent professional consultancy. Olivia lived in France for ten years, before moving back to the UK to study Law at The University of Manchester, so is familiar with the nuances between different languages. From there, she moved into digital marketing in an account management role, working in a range of industries, providing her with a great understanding of running campaigns across different subjects and audiences.

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