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Yahoo and Antena3 in a convenient exchange

Today there is more news of strategic agreements in the Spanish market. This time Yahoo is in the picture. Yahoo Iberia will now be offering their popular email service, messenger and Kelkoo product search on the portal of one of Spain´s leading television channels, Antena3. In turn, Antena3 will become an additional well of information for Yahoo News in Spain.

According to Giorgio Sbampato, the director of New Business at Antena3, the company has established themselves as the most valued resource for televised information, 303 news alerts to mobiles, mobile channels and UMTS in Spain.

The Director of Yahoo Iberia and Kelkoo Spain, Javier Rodríguez Zapatero, added that the agreements is yet another step to reach out to a greater Spanish internet audience to offer their services and to built a partnership with a communications leader of Antena3’ standing.

Looks like its time to keep an eye on Spain. Plenty is happening already and certainly at this rate, more is on the way.


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