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Yahoo Japan’s E-Commerce Revolution: No Fees Model

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Yahoo Japan announced today at their Store Conference 2013 that they would remove fees from Yahoo Shopping and Yahoo Auctions services. According to the announcement, they are hoping to increase the number of merchants and the available products sold and offered through its services by removing the obstacles = fees. With this huge change in their service model, they aim to become the largest E-Commerce site in Japan by 2019.

“By removing the fees, we want to make the coefficient of friction of the EC to zero, to create an open environment without any restrictions, which is how the Internet should be.” stated Mr. Son, Presidnet of Softbank, who is also a chaiman of Yahoo Japan.

In addition to removing the fees related to their EC services such as the merchant fee and the loyalty fees, they’ll allow individual sellers to have a merchant space on their shopping site as well as offering the products to the auctions without a fee.  They’ll also make its service more flexible by opening the links to external websites, and by removing the restrictions for the newsletters sent by merchants to their customers.


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Motoko Hunt

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