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Yahoo! Music Radio—Alive with the Spanish beat

On June 20th, Yahoo launched Yahoo! Música Radio (Yahoo Music Radio) in Spain, a service already available and successful in other European countries, but a newcomer to Spain. With more than 4 million users, Yahoo! Music is the top online music destination in Europe. It’s no surprise that Yahoo will now count on the popular service to grab another piece of the market by unlocking the music arena in Spain. The new service allows users to create and personalize their own radio channel, by evaluating and selecting favorite artists, albums and songs.

According to Noelia Fernandez, Director of Products and Services in Yahoo! Iberia, “In Spain, Yahoo Music is already very popular and has almost half a million users who visit the website to see videos and other contents. But the introduction of Yahoo Music Radio in the United Kingdom has created a new model, and has already captured many new users who are loyal to the product, doubling our audience.”

The newly inaugurated service makes available 17 different radio channels, specifically programmed for the Spanish audience. Some of the channels include New Releases, Spanish Pop/Rock, Flamenco, Best of the 80’s, etc. The service is a part of Yahoo! Música, a free of charge service, which offers nearly 4,000 music videos, interviews, live performances and of course, an online store.


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