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Yandex And Facebook Allegedly To Form Partnership


Global Marketing News – 9th June 2016

Yandex and Facebook allegedly to form partnership

Yandex is reportedly discussing a future partnership with the social networking giant Facebook.

According to the Russian newspaper Vedomosti, working with Facebook would help Yandex to further promote its services and boost mobile revenue.

Meanwhile, Facebook is looking for access to Yandex’s user data in Russia, particularly from online services like online shopping or booking flights.

Discussions have allegedly taken place to give Facebook users exclusivity when using Yandex’s services, whilst allowing both companies to share user data for the benefit of targeted advertising.

With Yandex’s mobile revenue falling far below Facebook’s, and Mark Zuckerberg’s company having a much lower audience in Russia than Yandex, the partnership could strengthen the position of both companies in the market.

Nestle looks to expand ecommerce in China

Nestle is looking to expand the ecommerce side of its business in China, after a disappointing period of growth.

With its online business now making the company more money than its brick-and-mortar outlets, Nestle’s MD of food and beverage in China, Reinhold Jakobi, revealed earlier this week that its sales growth online is now expanding at “triple-digit rates”.

Nestle has been prioritising the Chinese market for some time now after it failed to meet targets there for four years in a row.

It recently unveiled 67 new products on Alibaba’s Tmall.com which had never previously been available in China.

Nestle says that strategies like these are allowing it to keep up with the fast moving Chinese ecommerce market.

Smart TVs on the rise in Argentina

Internet access via smart televisions is on the rise in Argentina when compared to last year.

Whilst laptops, desktops and smartphones are still the most popular devices to access the internet on, a poll by Carrier y Asociados has found that the popularity of smart TV internet access is growing in the country.

Whilst only 15% of internet users used their television in 2015, the device saw a 100% increase to 30% in just one year.

This was the highest increase of all the devices in the poll, with games consoles even seeing a drop in usage.

With an expected increase of 3.2 million internet users in Argentina before 2020, and the increased ease of browsing experience on smart TVs, this increase is expected to grow.

Rakuten to shut down Spain and UK websites

Rakuten is continuing its global downsizing by announcing that it will be shutting down its Spanish and UK sites.

After a decision at the start of this year to streamline the business by pulling out of South East Asia, the company is also closing down its offices in Cambridge and Barcelona.

In a statement, the company said that “the cost of growth relative to the size of the businesses has led to plans to close these operations”.

As Japan’s top e-commerce business, Rakuten will continue to focus its efforts on other nations such as Brazil and France, but will carry on its retrenchment in countries like Germany and Austria where a closure of offices there is expected to start in August.

Rakuten CEO Hiroshi Mikitani announced that it will be looking to remove less profitable arms of the business and invest in new mobile opportunities, like the US discount store Ebates.

Euro 2016 fans to change Eiffel Tower colours using social media

And finally, with the Euro 2016 football tournament due to start this week in France, social media users around Europe will be able to decide which country’s colours light up the Eiffel Tower each night.

With three games per day at the beginning of the tournament, telecoms business Orange will look through social media to see which of the six team’s fans have been the most supportive by the end of the final match.

The lighting of the country’s most famous landmark will be in the control of football fans for each day of the month-long tournament, which ends on Sunday 10th July, at the Stade de France national stadium.

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